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Peristiwa: Apa dan Kapan ( bag. 1 )

Posted by Bayoe Arwani 8/18/2008


Peristiwa apa saja yang terjadi sepanjang tahun 1900 - 1932 ?
Semua terangkum dalam Did You Know ? selama abad ke 20.

1900 Escalator ditemukan oleh Charles Seeberger. Jepitan kertas dipatenkan oleh seorang Norwegia bernama Johann Vaaler. Loudspeaker ditemukan oleh Horace Short. Charlotte Cooper menjadi wanita pertama yang memperoleh medali emas Olimpiade untuk cabang olahraga tenis.

1901 Christmas tree lights are introduced by Edison General Electric Co. The first facelift is performed by Eugene Hollander in Berlin on a Polish aristocrat. First time getaway car is used by 3 bank robbers in Paris.

1902 Boneka Teddy bear diciptakan oleh seorang imigran Rusia yang datang ke Amerika Serikat setelah dia melihat sebuah karton di koran yang menggambarkan presiden Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt. Penemuan mesin penjual otomatis. Willis Carrier menemukan mesin pengatur suhu (air conditioner).

1903 Orville Wright menerbangkan pesawat terbang bermesin pertama dalam sejarah, Kitty Hawk, selama 12 detik - 4 penerbangan dilakukan pada tanggal 17 Desember. Diawal tahun itu pula, seorang fisikawan Rusia bernama Konstantin Tsiolkovsky menyatakan bahwa dengan teori matematika kompleks suatu hari manusia akan mengarungi ruang angkasa dan menjelajahi planet. Tour de France pertama. William Harley and Arthur Davidson launch the Harley-Davidson motorcycle company.

1904 Teh celup ditemukan oleh Thomas Suillivan. Perjalanan bawah air pertama dengan menggunakan kapal selam - dari Portsmouth ke Isle of Wight. Henry Royce dan Charles Rolls merintis Rolls-Royce.

1905 Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen discovers the magnetic north pole. Albert Einstein publishes "theory of relativity." Sinn Fein founded by printer Arthur Griffith.

1906 William Kellogg menemukan makanan cornflakes. Lewis Nixon menemukan sonar. Kopi instan ditemukan oleh Mr G Washington, seorang Inggris yang hidup di Guatemala. Grand Prix pertama diadakan di Le Mans, Perancis -dan dimenangkan oleh seorang supir Romania bernama Ferenc Szisz dengan menggunaka sebuah Renault. Picasso menemukan aliran kubisme.

1907 Frenchman Paul Cornu designs first helicopter, flying it for a few seconds. First blood transfusion. Leo Baekeland discovers plastic. Colour photography invented by Auguste and Louis Lumiere.

1908 Paper cups launched by the International Paper Co New York. Ford Model T rolls out. Einstein proposes quantum theory. Swiss chemist Jacques Brandenberger invents cellophane. Gideon Bible Company started.

1909 American Robert Peary reaches North Pole. French aviator Louis Bleriot flies across the English Channel in a wooden monoplane tied together with piano strings. Briton George Smith launches the first commercially made colour film.

1910 French physicist George Claude invents neon light. Thomas Edison demonstrates the talking motion picture. Artificial silk stockings made in Germany. Duncan Black and Alonzo Decker found Black & Decker in Baltimore. Mrs John B Dodd starts Father's Day. The Dalai Lama is forced to flee Tibet as Chinese invade Lhasa.

1911 Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen, who discovered the magnetic north pole, reaches the South Pole. First airmail is carried from London to Berkshire. Republic of China founded. Chevrolet Motor Co founded. First Hollywood studios built. Word "Vitamin" used to describe chemicals necessary to diets.

1912 First crossword puzzle published in New York Journal. Dr Gaston Odin discovers the cancer microbe. Albert Berry makes the first parachute jump from an airplane. First neon advertising sign is displayed in Paris, for Cinzano. First self-service food store opens in California. The Titanic sinks on April, 15. Turkey surrenders to Serbia and Bulgaria, ending the Ottoman period.

1913 Briton Henry Brearly invents stainless steel. Thomas Edison invents the telephone recorder. Georgia Broadwick becomes the first woman to make a parachute jump.

1914 World War I breaks out on 4 August. First aerial dogfight, when Joseph Frantz and Louis Quenault in a Voisin shoot down a German Aviatik. Colour photographic process invented by Eastman Kodak. First traffic lights, installed in front of British House of Commons. Gideon Sundback designs the zip fastener. First commercial airline flies from Tampa to St Petersburg, Florida. First passenger meal served on airplane in flight, from Russia to Ukraine. US President Woodrow Wilson proclaims Mother's Day, a revival of a practice that dates back to the Greek empire.

1915 James Lewis Kraft launches process cheese in Canada. Eugene Sullivan and William Taylor invents Pyrex in New York. Poison gas is used as a weapon in Ypres, Belgium by German forces.

1916 George Jung produces the first fortune cookies, in Los Angeles. Coca-Cola launches its curvaceous bottle, modelled on the cola nut. William Boeing found his aircraft construction company. John D Rockefeller becomes the first billionaire.

1917 BMW founded. Charlie Chaplin signs the first million dollar movie contract. Lenin leads the Russian revolution. British royal family changes name from Saxe-Coburg-Gotha to Windsor. The war tank is introduced, at the Battle of Cambrai. The airplane is used to drop bombs, in Belgium.

1918 US astronomer Harlow Shapley discovers the size and shape of the milky way. Electric food mixer is manufactured by Universal Co. Robert Ripley's strip "Believe it or not!" is published in the New York Globe. Germany surrenders to the Allies on 11 November at Compiegne, France.

1919 The Treaty of Versailles signed 28 June, concluding WWI. Wireless telephone is invented, allowing pilots to talk in-flight. First non-stop flight across the Atlantic made by Briton John Alcock and American Arthur Whitten Brown, from Newfoundland to Ireland. KLM of the Netherlands is the world's first airline company. Physicist Ernest Rutherford discovers a means of splitting the atom.

1920 Electric hand iron goes on sale in London. The tommy-gun is patented by John T Thompson. First ice cream on a stick is sold by Harry Burt at his Good Humour Bar. Swiss psychiatrist Hermann Rorschach devises "inkblot test."

1921 Johnson & Johnson launches the band-aid bandage. Avus Autobahn in Berlin is the first motorway. Californian medical student John Larson invents the polygraph (lie detector). Philo Farnsworth realized an idea for TV.

1922 Husband-and-wife team De witt Wallace and Lila Acheson launch Reader's Digest. British Egyptologist Howard Carter discovers the tomb of Tutankamun, pharaoh 1316-1322BC. The snowmobile is built by 15-year old Joseph Bombardier in Quebec. The police car, called a bandit-chaser, is launched in Denver, Colorado, using a Cadilac engine.

1923 Swiss John Harwood invents the self-winding watch. Jacob Schick patents the electric shaver. 16mm home movie camera is launched by Kodak. Frank Epperson invents the popsicle when he leaves his lemonade mix on a windowsill overnight.

1924 First round-the-world flight. First Winter Olympics at Chamonix, Switzerland. Columbia Pictures and MGM founded. Spindryer launched by Kleenex. Caesar Cardini, owner of "Caesar's Palace" in New York invents Caesar salad.

1925 Red double-decker busses enter service in London. In-flight movie offered by German airline. Walter P Chrysler founded vehicle company. Frisbee is invented - by Yale students, using empty plates used to hold pies from the Frisbie Baking Company.

1926 Marion B Skaggs founded Safeway food stores. Scottish engineer John Logie Baird demonstrates a machine that transmits movie pictures using radio technology, calling it a "televisor", based on a 1884 idea by German Paul Nipkow. (But the mechanical TV system is beaten to general use by Philo Farnsworth's design of 1928.)

1927 25-year old Charles Lindbergh flies non-stop from New York to Paris in Spirit of St Louis. The Jazz Singer, starring Al Jolson, is the first talkie movie. The first words were: "Wait a minute! You ain't heard nothing' yet!" First transatlantic phone call - at $75 for 3 minutes, half the cost of a car.

1928 Scottish biologist Alexander Fleming discovers penicillin. Philo Fransworth has a working model for TV. TV sets go on sales in the US for $75. Harry Ramsden opens the first chip shop in Bradford, England. First Bubble Gum, Fleer's Dubble Bubble, goes on sale in the US. JW Horton and WA Morrison invent the quartz crystal clock.

1929 US engineer Paul Galvin invents the car radio. Enzo Ferrari launches his company. Colour television pictures is transmitted in New York. Kelloggs launches Rice Krispies. Popey debuts in the Thimble Theatre strip by Elzie Segar. New York Stock Exchange crash on "Black Thursday" 24 October.

1930 The "differential analyzer", or analog computer, is invented by Vannevar Bush at MIT in Boston. General Electric launches the electric kettle with automatic cut-out. First football World Cup, won by host Uruguay.

1931 Harold Edgerton menemukan lampu blitz untuk kamera. Orang Jerrnan yang bernama Max Knott dan Ernst Ruska menemukan mikroskop elektron. Chevrolet meluncurkan jenis mobil truk bak terbuka. The American anthem "land of the free and the home of the brave" is adopted.

1932 Depresi dunia mencapai puncaknya. Pemantik api Zippo diperkenalkan. Britons John Cockroft dan Ernest Walton memperkenalkan energi nuklir dengan cara demontrasi pemisahan atom. Fisikawan Inggris yang bernama James Chadwick menemukan neutron. Carrier Corp menemukan mesin pengatur suhu (AC). Edwin Land mengembangkan kacamata hitam Polaroid.

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